A collection of recipes that would either make your Bubbe kvell or yell, plus recommendations for noshing your way through Chicago.

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Meet several locals making new food traditions during the pandemic.
Mexican-Jewish bakery Masa Madre is a tale of two traditions photo 1
In the two years since they introduced Masa Madre, Elena Vázquez Felgueres and Tamar Fasja Unikel have gone viral with their challahs and sweet and savory babkas.
Healthy Snacks My Kids Love (And I Do Too) photo
If you think my kids only get carrots and hummus, you would be wrong, but I do try to sprinkle in a few healthier items.
Honey Dijon Plank Salmon photo 1
Salmon, the king of fish. Mostly everyone loves it, and unfortunately, mostly everyone overcooks it. But not this time boys and girls, not this time.
Pop-up dinner series explores the history and cuisines of the Jewish Diaspora photo 1
Dylan Maysick created Diaspora Dinners to answer the question, “What is Jewish food?”
Cheap Food: My Not Guilty Pleasure photo 1
I have a confession to make … I love cheap food.
Anatomy of an Antipasti Platter photo 1
An antipasti platter is your chance to awaken your tired and old summer dinner tables and introduce new bits and bites that will keep your friends happy and full.
One-Pot Super Creamy Mac and Cheese photo 1
I have what you would call an unhealthy obsession with mac and cheese.
Red Wine Braised Instant Pot Brisket photo 1
My mouth-watering brisket recipe … done in one hour.
Highland Park native brings an Israeli culinary staple to the U.S. photo 1
When Brian Finkel arrived in Israel after making aliyah, he discovered a food product that not only changed his culinary life, but also his professional one.
Elderberry Syrup to Give You a Boost photo
Fend off sickness this season with this immune-boosting elderberry syrup recipe made using an Instant Pot.
Greek Whole Roasted Branzino photo
The best part about food is the story that it tells.
jar bar

Karen Firsel brings cleaner, cheaper eats to Northbrook with Jar Bar

Macerated Summer Berry Salad photo 1
This recipe has yet to fail me and frankly yet to disappoint anyone.
The Lousy Vegetarian photo
You’re doing it wrong. Need proof? Take a look at your Facebook feed. Did you vote for the right person, go to the right protest, make the right sign, eat the right thing, wear the right color, see the right movie, love the right celebrity, choose the correct outfit, get the right haircut, save the right animal, fight for the right cause?
Nutella Molten Lava Cakes photo 1
No lovey dovey love stories, no cute love poems -- just a straight up awesome dessert to whip up in under 20 minutes for your loved one.
Healthy Holiday Foods You Can Feast On photo
As the holidays approach, I’m usually scolding you and listing foods to avoid in my blog posts, so this year I’m doing the opposite.
Baking challah with love photo
Tips, advice, strategies and recipes for making delicious homemade challah
Kosher Whiskey for All photo 1
Hundreds of Jews and non-Jews across the Chicago area gathered for one giant “L’chaim” at the second annual Whisky Jewbilee at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood on Sept. 1.
A Jewish Beginners Guide to Whiskey photo 1
Whether you’re new to the whiskey world or you love it and just don’t know much about it, there are a few things you should know that will at least make you conversational in whisk-ese.
Mason Edelson hopes to start the next big ‘Graze’ photo 1
Chicago’s latest Jewish restaurateur opens ‘bowls and burgers’ concept in the new Revival Food Hall
Grilled Eggplant and Vegetables Salad photo 1
I promise you, once you make it, you will keep making this simple and savory vegan salad to go along with any of your favorite meals.
Vegan Nutella photo 1

Nutella meet your vegan match. Perfectly roasted hazelnuts are combined with high quality cocoa to create the ultimate chocolaty vegan Nutella. Perfect for all your Nutella needs...only healthier and more delicious!

Roasted Lamb Loin with Mint Chimichurri photo 1x

This recipe is a one-pan roast that is a true crowd pleaser.

 Saffron Yogurt and Garlic Marinated Chicken photo

Every Sunday morning, I sit down in front of my steaming cappuccino and plan my menu for the week.

The Grocery Shopper’s Dilemma—why buy organic? photo

I know that organic food uses less pesticide, no synthetic pesticides, and no antibiotics -- but are those reasons enough to buy organic?

Warm Tuscan Kale Salad photo

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and thought, ”Hmmm why can’t I make stuff like this at home?”

Vegan Creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes photo_t

I happen to love Thanksgiving -- a lot; the family, the loud laughter and the food. Ohhh the food!

The Only Dish You Need To Survive Winter photo_th

Food and eating has and always will be special and unifying to my family. There is no doubt about it -- the kitchen is by far the most important room in my parents' home.

Eating Like a Kid photo_th

Okay, guys. Brace yourself. This is big. Or, rather, not so big. More like kid-sized -- but amazing. I have recently discovered that even if you are, in fact, 29 years old, you can be a kid again and order from the kids menu at a restaurant.

Fall Nosh with a Jewish Twist photo_th

Sandwiched between a shvitz and a shiver, fall is the perfect season. Not only do I love fall weather, which is often breezy and cool, I cannot get enough of the beautiful fall leaves and tasty treats that arrive with the season.

Wild Mushroom and Beef Stew photo _th

I grew up in Russia (technically Moldova, but we will leave the technicalities be for now). The winters were frigid -- and sometimes a bit depressing, as winters tend to be. Food was used to comfort the grumbling bellies and laughter was used to warm up from the inside out.

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