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Adam Daniel Miller

Originally from Chicago and well, still living in Chicago, is Adam Daniel Miller -- a lover of writing, a voiceover enthusiast and an overall funny guy, according to his mother. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa Undergraduate Writing Program where he excelled in procrastinating, waiting until the last moment and being redundantly repetitive. He has a true passion for humor and beer, indulging in both on a fairly regular basis. Although he has been known to deviate and be serious once in a while too, he still does so while indulging in beer.

If you so desire, and desire you should, you can follow Adam Daniel Miller on Twitter @ TheMindofADM.

Articles by this Author
Easily attainable New Year’s resolutions for 2019.
Adam’s New Jew-ish Idea #3: A Second Yom Kippur photo

Yom Kippur always takes place after Rosh Hashanah, but I’m thinking it would be a lot better to go into the New Year with a clean slate.

Why I tell people I’m from Chicago photo2
When I’m on vacation, I’ve learned that being from Chicago is a very advantageous conversation starter.
weird al

 How seeing the parody king perform his original music brought me sweet validation.

Let’s Fail photo
What I mean by failing more is that I want to try more things I’m actually interested in. The fact is I don’t do that often enough.
Milk in a Bag photo 1
If you haven’t gone on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, then let me try and sell it to you. Me trying to sell it is a bit ironic because, IT’S FREE!
jews in space
Year after year I am reminded that, especially compared to Christmas, there is a sad lack of Jewish holiday movies, which brings me to thinking there is even more so a lack of Jewish-themed movies.

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