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Jen Leemis

Leemis is VP of Marketing for Paradise 4 Paws and previously worked for Cars.com, PepsiCo/Quaker, Kellogg and BP. In 2016, she was named to Brand Innovators' 40 Under 40 Midwest list.

Blair Chavis 06-03-15 th2

When a close friend’s engagement was broken off, Blair Chavis embarked on a road trip with her and other close friends to the Wisconsin Dells, and learned a whole lot about being an adult while acting like a kid.

JH Palmer 06-03-15 photo_th

J.H. Palmer recounts an unusual summer trip with her husband to a farm in Canada to visit her “boyfriend.”

Jennie Ellman 06-03-15 photo_th

Jennie Ellman explains how she grew up to be an old Jewish woman thanks to her family’s summer trips to the Catskills, and how a gift from Willie Nelson left a lasting impression.

Jeremy Owens 06-03-15 photo_th

When Jeremy Owens decided he and his husband would become dog owners, he had no idea how difficult and bizarre a process it would turn out to be.

Sarah Follmer 06-03-15 photo_th

Not entirely sure why no one wants to love a cat lady, Sarah Follmer dives back into her past dating experiences, many of which were moments of summer love, to find some advice for her current self.

Steven Chaitman 06-03-15 photo_th

Steven Chaitman breaks out his middle school journal to recall his worst summer ever at the age of 13, and how a roller coaster, of all things, helped him cope.

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