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My Legs Were Praying
My Legs Were Praying photo_th

Last month I found myself on the side of a highway outside Montgomery, Alabama, with a group of 300 strangers. We represented three countries, 29 states, and hundreds of personal stories and purposes that brought us together.

No Shame
No Shame photo_th

More than one out of every 100 deaths is by suicide. That is more people than die in car accidents. And more than 80 percent of Americans diagnosed with clinical depression are not getting any treatment for it.

How to Be a Good Roommate
How to Be a Good Roommate photo_th

The melodies notifying you that your laundry is dry and your dishes are clean ring like a relaxing chime. Although there are machines to empty, you feel in no rush because you’re on your own clock. That’s one beauty of living alone: You don’t have to worry about emptying a laundry machine, so your roommate can clean his or her week-old dirty garments. I’ve been living this way for two years.

Wear. Share. Repeat.
Wear. Share. Repeat. photo_th

When spring rolls around, we all get that itch to clean, spruce and purge our clutter. I’m so busy these days, I scarcely have time to update my spring wardrobe, let alone clean out my already too-packed closet.

Networking in Your 20s
Networking in Your 20s photo_th

In your 20s, you’re a step above the naivety of your teen years but a step below the complexity of the rest of your life. It’s at this stage in our lives we have a realistic future ideal, but we may not have the final blueprint down.

Goodbye, Peanut
Goodbye, Peanut photo_th

The Charles Tillman era has come to an end in Chicago as the creator and master of the “Peanut Punch” made his windy city departure official, inking a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers.

What’s new
Lia Lehrer photo_th

“Hey, how are you? What’s new?”
“Oh, not much, what’s new with you?”
“Nothing new here.”
“Yeah, same old, same old.”

An interview with Ivanka Trump photo_md
An interview with Ivanka Trump

The name 'Trump' has been a household name for decades. But lately Donald is sharing the spotlight with the younger generation of Trumps—his sons and his daughter, Ivanka.


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8 Questions for Yuri Lane: Beatboxer, hip-hop performer and YouTube sensation
8 Questions for Yuri Lane photo_th

I first saw Yuri Lane doing a beatbox workshop at JCC Apachi summer camp. I was immediately taken with his combination of beatbox and harmonica. I had never seen anything like it.

18 Chicago Foods to Carb-Cram before Passover
18 Things that Happened photo_th

Passover is almost here, which means Jews everywhere are about to embark on their annual religiously mandated Atkins diet. We know parting with sweet, sweet gluten for eight days can lead to agonizing, salad-filled melancholy – especially in a foodie city like Chicago – so now is the time to load up, friends.

8 Questions for David Schwartzbaum: Comedian, improv veteran, JCC programmer
8 Questions for David Schwartzbaum photo_thx

I met David Schwartzbaum at JCC Apachi Day Camp, and have worked with him there in a number of capacities over the last five years, but our connection also extends beyond entertaining Jewish children and into the realm of performance theater. David started performing theater and comedy in Miami before moving to Philadelphia and becoming the founder and co-artistic director of The Off-Color Theatre Company.


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