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Na-nu Na-nu
Na-nu Na-nu photo_th

In the wake of the tragic loss of Robin Williams, I once again turn to writing and humor as a way to find solace. So thank you for humoring me as I attempt to humor you. I was originally going to write about something more light-hearted. Like how right now I have to be scared of Ebola again. But that’s not happening anymore. Well, the Ebola thing is actually still happening, I’m just not writing about it.

The Jewish Genius of Robin Williams: 4 Examples
The Jewish Genius of Robin Williams: 4 Examples photo_th

In Jewish tradition we have a special greeting for a genius. Upon meeting such a person, we say, Blessed are You, Eternal God, Source of Life, who has given from His wisdom to flesh and blood. Had I ever met Robin Williams, I would surely have said it.

Shift of Power
Cindy Sher 2_th

I have been feeling powerless lately. And I know I'm not alone. We're powerless to stop the heartbreak and turmoil in Israel. We're powerless to stop the gang violence in Chicago.

Is-raeli a Chicagoan
Is-raeli a Chicagoan photo_th

“So when are you moving back to Israel?” Taken aback by this assumption by a group of Israelis I had just recently met—complete strangers—I responded hesitantly, “Hopefully I’ll visit soon, but I don’t think I’ll be moving back.”

Interjections! With A Jewish Past - Part 2
Interjections! A Jewish Past photo_th

In case you didn’t catch my first post on the Jewish origins of common English interjections, check it out here. The main source is the book Zounds! by Mark Dunn.

Don’t Avoid the Cookie
Don’t Avoid the Cookie photo_th

“I’m not eating carbs this week, I feel so fat,” says your friend who is – by most definitions – skinny. And you want to scream, because there are people who really need to lose weight and can’t.

8 Questions for Meg Grunewald photo_md
8 Questions for Meg Grunewald: Improv veteran, sketch comedian, master of characters

For Meg Grunewald, comedy has many faces. And wigs. And voices. The Chicago-raised comedian and veteran of Chicago’s improv and sketch comedy scene says she has always loved impressions and creating characters, a specialty she has chosen to highlight for the entire month of August in a “character a day” project.


What’s your favorite kind of frozen dairy dessert?

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If I knew then what I know now
If I knew then what I know now photo_th

Oy!Chicago asked Chicagoans to tell us the biggest piece of advice they'd give (if they could) to their younger selves-back at the time of their bar or bat mitzvahs. Here's what they told themselves!

Double Chai Check-In: Matt Rissien raps and responds to Jewish crisis
Double Chai Check-In: Matt Rissien photo_th

Matt Rissien’s dedication to the Jewish community, especially to younger generations, has only grown since being named one of Chicago’s Jewish 36 Under 36 in 2013. He has continued to find new ways to engage Jewish youth as director of youth activities at Congregation Beth Shalom in Northbrook, including revamping the congregation’s youth lounge.

Double Chai Check-In: Rabbi David Russo is committed to Jewish engagement and social justice in Chicago
Double Chai Check-In: Rabbi David Russo photo_th

As his third year at Anshe Emet Synagogue comes to an end, Rabbi David Russo has seen firsthand just how much a Jewish community can grow in a short time. Honored as one of the 2013 Double Chai in the Chi, Russo continues to enhance Jewish engagement in Chicago both in terms of involvement and also social justice.


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