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My Workout Heaven
My Workout Heaven photo_th

I have found my workout heaven. It’s a place where I’m accepted, I belong, and I feel motivated to do my best. But first, let me tell you what my workout heaven is NOT.

My Cubs Inheritance
My Cubs Inheritance photo_th

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for as long as I can remember. Before I even knew the difference between a ball and a strike, I proudly wore Cubby Blue. I’m not a Cubs fan because I’m a North Sider and I’m certainly not a fan because of their track record. No, I am a fan because the Cubs were my grandpa’s team, so they are my team.

Dealing with Anxiety
Dealing with Anxiety photo_th

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” I love this quote! But sometimes we have to ask ourselves … now what? How are we supposed to deal with the natural anxieties of life? I think we can begin to answer that question by understanding the mechanisms of anxiety.

Loving the Little Things
Adam Daniel Miller photo 4_th

Well hello there! Welcome to my Oy! post, “Loving the Little Things,” a post that could have also been titled, “Enjoying the Small Stuff” or “Appreciating the Wee Wonders” or “Insert Synonym-Filled Title Here.”

Lighting up a room
Lighting up a room photo_th

Every now and then, I think about a little girl I was lucky enough to meet when I first started working at JUF News.

3 Uncomfortable Conversations All Observant Jews Have
3 Uncomfortable Conversations All Observant Jews Have photo_th

I’ll always remember the day I told my parents about my decision to become more observant. I was in Israel with knots in my stomach, unsure of how they’d respond to my decision.

2015 Jewish 36 under 36 grid_md
Presenting the 2015 Chicago Jewish 36 under 36 list!

From entrepreneurs, to educators, to Jewish professionals paving the way for the future, this city is full of talented, giving, forward-thinking young adults striving to make the world a better place. Take a look at the list!


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A new documentary film asks 'What makes a mensch?'
A new documentary film asks 'What makes a mensch?' photo_th

Most of us go through life trying to act like a mensch -- but what does that really mean? Jewish filmmaker Tiffany Shlain wants to know.

Double Chai Check-In: Benjamin Lachman helps expand opportunities for those with disabilities
Double Chai Check-In: Benjamin Lachman photo_th

Now is the best time to be deaf – at least according to Benjamin Lachman, a driving force behind the “Cued Speech” movement and a 2014 honoree of Oy!Chicago and YLD’s Double Chai in the Chi, 36 Under 36 list.

18 Ways Jewish Summer Camp Still Affects Your Life
18 Emojis

There are Jewish kids who go to camp, and those who don’t. This list is for those in the former group; latter group, we don’t expect you to understand. And of course we used plenty of Wet Hot American Summer pics, because that’s the only movie that understands you.


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