Bringing Up Jewish Baby photo X
There’s nothing more joyful or difficult than being a new parent, and raising the perfect mensch is no small task. So, we at Oy!Chicago thought we’d honor these parenting war stories with a special blog series, “Bringing Up Jewish Baby” to give a voice to parents who have been through it all -- the good, the bad, and the poop.
Uber Convenient photo
Let me preface this with: I do not work at or for Uber. I am not affiliated with Uber in any way. I just love writing about impressive companies.
Toddler Tries a Bed photo
For the next two weeks, I went to check on him every single night, documented my findings with photos and made captions. I called it “Toddler Tries a Bed.”
10 English Words that Come from Torah photo
Here are just 10 of the many words we still use from the Torah today, what they mean now, and what the Torah meant by them.

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