6 Tips for Hosting Friendsgiving photo 1
With six Fakesgivings now come and gone, I wanted to share what I’ve learned from hosting this festive feast.
Gratitude is a Mindset photo
I have learned over the years that gratitude is a way of seeing and thinking, not a feeling. Gratitude is the vision -- the way of seeing -- that recognizes a “gift” as something inspired rather than occasioned.
So Grateful I Could Punch Something photo 1
Three years ago, an argument about high-heeled shoes led me to an unassuming warehouse building in the middle of Glenview -- a place I would come to call my dojo.
Thanks for Never Doubting Me photo
While they may not have stressed some of the Jewish traditions many Jews are accustomed to, my parents did just about everything else right.
A Tale of Two Kosher Pizza Shops photo
What two kosher pizzerias on the Upper West Side can teach the rest of Jewish America.

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