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Giving thanks when thanks doesn’t seem enough
Giving thanks when thanks doesn’t seem enough photo_th

This year, as the festively familial holiday known as Thanksgiving comes closer, I know I’ll have a Turkey Day unlike any other I’ve known. I know this because I will be spending it with my baby daughter, Emma.

Zero Motivation
Zero Motivation photo_th

It took me five years to finally get to another screening at the annual Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema. Talk about Zero Motivation. In 2009, I made the mistake of going too heavy for my first CFIC experience when I saw Ronit and Shlomi Alkabetz’s Shiva. Zero Motivation proved infinitely more accessible, especially as a young adult.

The Bozo Theory
The Bozo Theory photo_th

Let’s talk about Bozo. Just to clarify, I’m referring to the clown. So what is The Bozo Theory you ask? A very good question since the title really gives no good context clues other than Bozo is involved in some way.

Socca for the Holidays
Socca for the Holidays photo_th

If you are anything like me, you experience an uncontrollable urge to feed people as soon as the weather turns blustery. Well, maybe the urge to feed isn’t entirely weather-dependent for us nurturing, over-bearing Jewish mother-in-training types, but there is definitely something special about feeding friends and family something warm from the oven this time of year.

The extra-ordinary
Cindy Sher 2_th

A year ago, for the month of Thanksgiving, every night before I went to bed I jotted down one thing I was grateful for each day.

‘Fit’ it in
‘Fit’ it in photo_th

I’m not selling a fitness DVD or my training services – this is free advice to get in shape in less time. Who doesn’t want that? Having a 3-year-old and a one-month-old, my workout time has shrunk. I have to squeeze in fitness into 20-30 minute increments. How can you do that and stay in shape? Depth training is the answer.

Following in My Brother’s Footsteps … For 3.1 miles
Following in My Brother’s Footsteps … For 3.1 miles photo_th

As the older of two siblings, I like to think my younger brother Bill looks up to me. Not just because I was literally taller for the 15 years before he got his growth spurt – but, you know, because I am so wise and worldly, what with my six additional years of life experience and all.

Double Chai Check-In: Scott Issen photo_md
Double Chai Check-In: Scott Issen is helping build the future

If you’re a big proponent of the phrase “our youth are our future,” then Scott Issen is a pretty important guy. As the co-founder of the Future Founders Foundation, Issen helps students in underserved areas as young as second grade explore entrepreneurship, building the skills and business plans that will lead them to successful careers as adults.


Which way do you most prefer to give back?

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Leaving no vet behind
Leaving no vet behind photo_th

“Every day is Veterans Day for us,” explained Rob Walker, program director at Leave No Veteran Behind. Walker served in the U.S. Navy before getting his law degree. Now, he serves his fellow vets — including his fellow Jews — by helping them integrate back in to civilian society.

Oy!Chicago to host first ever live storytelling event
oy Let Me Tell You photo_th

What do you think of when you hear “Jewish storytelling?” Is it some made-up tale about a rabbi and a beggar that ends with a nice Jewish moral? Or your Zayde’s tired old yarn about how back in the day he used to walk five miles by himself to Hebrew school three days a week (rain or snow)? We don’t think so. That’s why Oy!Chicago is reclaiming Jewish storytelling for the next generation. Join us and JUF News on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. at Matilda (3101 N. Sheffield Ave.) for “Oy! Let Me Tell You …” an evening of live Jewish storytelling featuring real, personal, sometimes-hilarious, always-insightful stories told by people like you: young adults navigating Jewish life in Chicago.

Double Chai Check-In: Cameron Smith opens Chicago’s newest day school
Double Chai Check-In: Cameron Smith photo_th

When he was named to Oy!Chicago and JUF’s Young Leadership Division’s inaugural 36 under 36 list, Cameron Smith had only dreamed of what the next great Chicago day school would look like. Two years later, the school has not only opened its doors, but quickly become a bustling learning environment.


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