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The Confession
The Confession photo_th

Yom Kippur is "Judgment Day," and there is a prayer that repeats over and over again throughout the many services of the holiday called Vidui, or "The Confession." Every year when I go to shul for Yom Kippur, my heart beats a little faster when the Vidui comes up in the liturgy.

Shul Fashion Guide
Shul Fashion Guide photo_th

The High Holidays allow me time to reflect on my past year and dream of a new year filled with endless possibilities of the person I can become and accomplishments I can achieve.

Busting Plateaus
Busting Plateaus photo_th

One of the “it” phrases in the fitness world is muscle confusion. If you stay up late enough and watch a few infomercials, you are bound to hear some meathead selling a DVD using this buzz word. I hear muscles get really confused with algebra…

Sanctuary on the Edens Expressway
Sanctuary on the Edens Expressway photo_th

I absolutely love working at Temple Jeremiah, and I also love the neighborhood where I live -- Lakeview, almost 20 miles away from Jeremiah. For many, an hour-long commute could seem like a nightmare; but for me, it’s my own personal sanctuary.

New Year. New Mindset. New Results.
New Year. New Mindset. New Results. photo_th

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the Day of Judgment, is upon us. And it’s kind of a funny day. No, being judged for the year is not so funny, but if you look at our customs for the day, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on; we have these huge festive meals on the Day of Judgment.

Wakeup call
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Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the synagogue listening to the blasting of the shofar, something some of us will be doing just days from now.

Hebrew School Horror Stories photo_md
Tell us a scary (Hebrew school) story

Hebrew school brings back a lot of memories. Unfortunately, a lot of those memories involved nagging our parents not to go. You could be a rabbi now, and chances are you still dreaded going to Hebrew school. Oy!Chicago is looking for guest writers of all experience levels to contribute to our next special blog series, "Hebrew School Horror Stories," a collection of first-person stories recalling the hardships of growing up Jewish.


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Getting back to your roots
Getting back to your roots photo_th

Short days and crisp nights herald the holiday season. I am always excited this time of year. The lighter fare of the summer is over and I crave heartier flavors.

8 Questions for Charlie Schwartz: Rabbi, educator-technologist and pseudo-prophet
8 Questions for Charlie Schwartz photo_th

God recently spoke to Rabbi Charlie Schwartz. Which is weird, because he doesn’t believe in a God that has a voice. But the experience was so unexpected, and so meaningful, that he shared an ELI Talk about it and the lessons he walked away with this past June in Chicago.

Double Chai Check-In: Laurie Grauer is building Chicago ‘A Wider Bridge’
Double Chai Check-In: Laurie Grauer photo_th2

If the whole world is, according to Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, a gesher tzar m’od, or a “very narrow bridge,” then Laurie Grauer is working tirelessly to make it wider.



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