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Neil Harris

Neil was grew up in Wichita, Kansas and after high school he spent two years studying in Israel and then went onto Yeshiva University. He is a parent, a husband, a learner, a blogger, a bike rider, a punk music listener, a consumer of iced coffee, and a self-cultivator. In 2006 Neil, his wife, and three kids moved to West Rogers Park. He is a commercial real estate consultant.

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Some ‘Take Out’ Takeaways photo_th

A Jewish ethicist, Rabbi Elya Lopian, once commented that the true measurement of a person’s middot, or character traits, is how he or she treats those in his or her own home.

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A new commercial for Choice Hotels sort of caught me off guard. The background music is The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go." It was a little freaky to hear the song being used for a commercial. Maybe punk is coming back? If so then I'd like to share two stories.

starbucks lovers thumb

For months my two daughters have been getting on my back because I was convinced that Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” contained the lyrics, “All the lonely Starbucks lovers.”

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It was so cool to be walking 16 feet above street level and getting a very unique perspective of Chicago.

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Chanukah is just about over; last night my family lit our seventh flames and, as is our custom, I sat and watched them for a few minutes and let my mind wonder.

The Value of 140 Characters photo_th

I tend to believe that there are lessons to be learned in the world, and that most of them eventually connect within Jewish life. This is even the case in the social media world.

Neil Harris photo_th

As I inch further into 5775, my thoughts focus on relationships. Specifically, how I connect to my family, friends, my Creator, and myself.

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