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Jenna Cohen

Jenna Cohen graduated from Knox College with a Bachelor's in English Literature and minors in Spanish and Creative Writing. After graduating, Jenna began her own marketing business and worked as a marketing consultant for several Chicagoland start-ups. After an amazing 6 months working at the 1871 entrepreneurial think tank, and a year interning in Tel Aviv at Latet Israeli Humanitarian Aid, Jenna now serves as Grants and Planning Associate at Jewish Child & Family services.

When she's not writing, Jenna can be found singing in the Apollo Chorus of Chicago, volunteering at Red Door Animal Shelter, hanging out at Moishe House, or running 5ks. If you don't find her doing any of these mensch-ly activities, Jenna is probably lounging in the sunshine with that book she promised herself she'd finish reading a year ago or watching obscene amounts of Netflix.

Articles by this Author
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As a child, I thought of fasting on Yom Kippur as the pinnacle of adult-ness—a demonstration of piety, self-restraint, and poise—but when I became a Bat Mitzvah and my turn came, I became much less enthusiastic.
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Local artist Chai Wolfman’s painting collection “Grounded in Hope” is on display at Uncommon Ground in Edgewater through Feb. 6
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Meet Teklit, an Eritrean refugee trying to make a life in Israel.

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Where I live, in South Tel Aviv, crumbling facades and rundown buildings are just as numerous as the chic bars and modern storefronts that one typically associates with the city.

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The first thing they tell you after a terror attack is not to give in to fear. You must continue to live your life as you have always lived it. Keep taking buses, keep going to class, grab that drink after work; don’t let anyone know that you are afraid.

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