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Liz Kaydanovsky

Liz Kaydanovsky is a Chicago native and proud B-school grad from the University of Illinois in Champaign. Although her background is in accounting and finance, writing is her true passion. She is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Thought Catalog. She is also the creator and writer of, a personal wealth blog for Millennials.

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Don’t Go Chasing Wi-Fi photo
I’m blindly walking, waiving my cellphone in the air like I’m trying to catch the alien signal of the century -- except I’m in a mall … in Dallas, Texas. Got the visual? Great.
The Last Shabbat of 2016 photo
I woke up last Wednesday morning with an idea: I wanted to host 2016’s last Shabbat.
Key & Peele and The Big Event photo
A look at the comedy duo’s Chicago connections and Jewish humor.
Picking a Career at 17 photo
If you really think about it, you kind of need to know what you want to do for the rest of your life by the time you're a senior in high school -- at 17 years old.
My Evolving Relationship to Shabbat Dinner photo 1
I did not grow up with the idea of Shabbat dinner on Friday evening every week.
The Hard Question(s) photo_th

Everyone makes fun of each other for New Year’s resolutions. Why? I say root for each other.

tech startups thumb

Just 15-20 years ago, tech startups were rare gems, and few were lucky enough to jump on the bandwagon.

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