Key & Peele and The Big Event

The comedy duo headlines YLD’s Big Event Fundraiser on Dec. 10

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Key & Peele

The dynamic and contagious duo of Key & Peele is kicking comedic ass and taking (on different) names, and they're coming to Chicago to headline YLD's Big Event Fundraiser on Dec. 10.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll just laugh. 

Unless you've been living under a rock or shunning laughter, you've most likely heard of this pair. They hail from Comedy Central, home of their television series named (suitably) Key & Peele.

The Beginning

Do you remember the good ole' days of MADtv? Ahh, childhood memories. Here are some of my favorite sketches:

Miss Swan on a Plane
Can I Have Your Number?
Coach Hines (Keegan-Michael Key)

I loved that show. Such raw, talented comedians. Guess who started off as two featured cast members on Season 9 (circa 2003-2004)? Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were initially tested against each other with the idea that only one would join the cast permanently, but their chemistry was undeniable.

Key is a Midwestern boy, born in Southfield, Michigan. Talent eventually brought him to Chicago's Second City, where he continued to hone his comedic talent. 

Peele also performed at Second City in Chicago. To say greats come out of this theater is an understatement.

Both quickly moved to the MADtv repertory cast by Season 10. A few years after the show ended in 2009, Comedy Central scooped them up and the rest is history.

The Bar Mitzvah Sketch

Turns out Key & Peele know a little somethin' about being Jew-ish.

This video is spot on. Let's talk about some of these amazing one-liners.

"From East to West, you know they're the best; getting you in the zone for your milestone (is that cute), please welcome Gefilta Fresh & Dr. Dreidel."

"New York" is as tied to Jewish as "bagel and lox." Therefore, you've gotta love the infamous Jewish New York accent. It's one generalization that's valid -- New York City is only second to Tel Aviv in Jewish population (2 million, and growing). That's right, more Jews live in NYC than Jerusalem. It's like the promised land of the West.

"Chutzpah and simcha"

Pronunciation, nailed!

"We're not technically chosen…we're chosen by the chosen, which is kind of better than being just the chosen…it's less responsibility"

This might be my favorite line of the whole sketch. And it is a pretty powerful message. We're born Jewish, and with that, we take on the "responsibility" and weight of what that means. Personally, I'm proud to inherit that and carry it throughout my life.

"We find it spiritually intoxicating, culturally fascinating, and monetarily exhilarating"

Being Jewish is spiritually and culturally rewarding, it's a religion standing on the base of and wrapped in so much genuine meaning that it's a lifelong learning experience.

As far as monetarily exhilarating, totally. Seventh and eighth grade were my peak party years for sure. I can't say I hated people going all out to celebrate this amazing milestone!

The Big Event

These guys are hi-lar-i-ous. I've watched them on Comedy Central, MADtv, and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (love his show and he's a fellow Jew). I cannot wait to see them perform live at the Big Event Fundraiser. I've been going to the event the last four years to see Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers, and Hannibal Buress, but I've got to say, this duo may top them all.

Come hang out, laugh, cry from laughter, and enjoy the biggest Jewish event of the year!

Get more info and register at

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