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Joshua Marder

Voted #1 Skydiving Rabbi of 1997, Josh joined the Peace Corp in 1998 working with Indonesian youth in Russia for three years. After realizing there wasn't much hope (nor population to work with), he moved on to write English textbooks in Japan for native Dutch speakers. After years of meaning and monotony, he decided it was time to settle down and get a job, so he took over a decade off to study in the illustrious Yeshiva University and a number of Israeli yeshivas (post-doc Judaic studies sites). While meditating in the Rockies, he met his wife-to-be, Laura, who knocked some sense into him and continues to keep him grounded, down to earth, and changing diapers. Josh studied under some of the greatest rabbis of our generation and is the only ordained and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the name Joshua Marder. He has also studied under some of the leading couples psychotherapists of our times, including Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen. Josh and Laura are the directors of Chicago YJP, where they provide fantastic programs for the young Jewish professionals of Chicago, plus regular Shabbat dinners with sustenance for the heart, soul and stomach. Follow Josh, "The Relationships Rabbi," on Facebook here, and check out his blog here.

Articles by this Author
Into Me You See photo
Today I received another call from my old girlfriend … Comcast. I call her my old girlfriend because despite telling her I was never happy with her, she still calls me every week.
Love Thy (Evil) Companion photo
What Torah and modern psychology say about relationship stability and true love.
10 Ways to Be Thankful Beyond Thanksgiving photo
I’ve thought of 10 simple, quick ways to give thanks year-round. Your challenge is to do 5 out of 10.
The Chirp of the High Holidays photo
I think many of us have a visceral response (perhaps it’s genetically ingrained by now …) to the High Holidays.
heart island
I’ve decided that I’m going to end the singles epidemic of our generation.  Single handedly.
Biking: A Love/Hate Relationship photo
I love riding my bike! The breeze is so refreshing. The physical exertion is exhilarating. And the experience of accomplishment, especially on long distances, is gratifying. I hate riding my bike! It’s too hot outside. My muscles are aching. I’d so much rather drive to wherever I’m going.
The four answers photo

One of the highlights at the Seder is the four questions.

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