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Barrett Goldflies

Barrett is a native Chicagoan and graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). While attending, he pursued is natural love of history and anthropology, as well as discovered his passion for Jewish culture and the Jewish faith. Currently he works as a cashier at the Mariano's in Jefferson Park while building his writing career in his spare time. Barrett has a passion for writing and the nature world, and enjoys writing, hiking, photography, space and exploring Chicago.

Articles by this Author
Tu B'shvat: More than Jewish Arbor Day photo
Both holidays celebrate trees, but upon closer examination, they're quite different.
Light across the Ages photo
Studying the laws and history surrounding Chanukah made me reflect on my mixed-faith upbringing and the tumult of my growing up as it related to religion.
Halloween teenager
Lessons learned from my final trick-or-treating hurrah at age 17.
To Whomever this May Concern photo
I want to start by saying to anyone I know that I have wronged or hurt in any regard that I am sorry.
Toward New and Encoded Horizons photo
As the High Holiday Season begins, we typically begin to draft our resolutions for coming year; as the current year waxes, the coming year wanes.
8 Questions for Ethan Blumenthal photo
When his dreams of playing professional baseball fell through, Ethan Blumenthal turned to comedy.
Three Regrets from My Early 20s photo
When I look back at the decisions and accomplishments of my early 20s -- and I have been doing that a lot lately -- I feel a bit melancholy. The results do not reflect the life I wanted for myself by this time.

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