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Barrett Goldflies

Barrett is a native Chicagoan and graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). While attending, he pursued is natural love of history and anthropology, as well as discovered his passion for Jewish culture and the Jewish faith. Currently he works as a cashier at the Mariano's in Jefferson Park while building his writing career in his spare time. Barrett has a passion for writing and the nature world, and enjoys writing, hiking, photography, space and exploring Chicago.

Articles by this Author
The College Regret I Still Can’t Get Over photo
I never did anything with my degree, let alone pursue a career in the major I graduated in.
How this Grinch Came to Hate Christmas photo
I am as excited for Christmas as someone expecting their next root-canal, or Tax Day.
My Long Road to Judaism photo
I appear and behave Jewishly, but it took a long time to get there, and I still have a long way to go.
Yield to the Moment photo
It is often the case that those who seek greatness and glory are negatively impacted by that pursuit, while those who do not rush to claim it for themselves are more likely to find it.
8 Questions for the Owners of theCoderSchool photo 1
Justin and Robin Brown and Chad and Karen Kreindler are bringing innovative computer programming education to the North Shore.
Tu B'shvat: More than Jewish Arbor Day photo
Both holidays celebrate trees, but upon closer examination, they're quite different.
Light across the Ages photo
Studying the laws and history surrounding Chanukah made me reflect on my mixed-faith upbringing and the tumult of my growing up as it related to religion.

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