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Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt is the marketing and communications manager at Shorashim, where she has the opportunity to combine her passions of writing, marketing, social media, traveling and, of course, Israel.

Originally from Wilmette, Illinois, Lauren spent her college years at George Washington University studying journalism and mass communications before returning to the best city in the world, Chicago. (Don't worry, Tel Aviv is very close second!)

Fueled by Diet Coke and iced coffee, Lauren can be found exploring the city, spending time with her family and friends, taking pictures (especially of food), watching Friends or SVU reruns, and listening to her eclectic Spotify library. She loves Chicago sports and should probably have her mail forwarded to Wrigley Field at this point. She is so excited to be blogging for Oy!Chicago!

Articles by this Author
The Cubs photo
Some things you grow to love over time. Some things you are born into. For me, being a Chicago Cubs fan is the strongest combination of both -- and then some.
My Chicago Summer Bucket List photo
Here’s an ambitious list of what I want to accomplish before the leaves start changing colors.
8 Questions for Ashley O’Brien photo

Toward the end of last year, Ashley O'Brien put her love of Hebrew, rap lyrics, puns and graphic design to good use by starting Hebrewish Designs, an Etsy shop that quickly went viral on Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

What They Don’t Teach You in School photo_th

Last weekend, a high schooler I work with asked me when I graduated from college. I told her 2012. “Wow! That was soooo long ago,” she said, without a gleam of sarcasm.

This Year photo X

“This supposed to be ya'll year/we ain't get the memo.” This Nicki/Drake collaboration couldn't be more applicable to how and what I feel when I reflect on the happenings of any past year.

25 Questions I’m Asking Myself at 25 photo_th

Turning one year older always leads me to think about the state of my life, my goals, and what I want to accomplish in the future. It also causes me to usually feel like I am in some sort of crisis.

Busy, Exhausted and 20-Something photo_th

I realized something the other day: I cannot remember the last time I felt bored. It’s often said that “only boring people get bored.” Maybe that’s true, but maybe not. Quite possibly, being bored has nothing to do with being boring and everything to do with being busy.

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