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Annice Moses

Annice is an Evanston raised, vegetarian grazing, liberal, red mini van driving chick who lives with a(n almost) vegan husband, 4 nutty kids and 2 rescue dogs in the rockin' burbs of Glencoe (where the party never ends!) She has made exactly zero dollars since earning her Masters Degree in Counseling because she popped out a kid right after graduation and then couldn't figure out how to stop doing that. (Which is no doubt just silly since she volunteers at a birth control clinic in Northfield and teaches sex ed and HIV/AIDS prevention in Englewood.)

Annice is obsessed with teenagers, as she is completely comfortable being in a constant state of angst and self doubt. Her favorite regular non-paying gig is working with kids who kicked cancer's butt at One Step at a Time Camp in Lake Geneva. She gets to hang out around a campfire with awesome teens and teach them important life skills, such as how to make a mean tortilla smore and how to tell great poop jokes.

Annice got her Jew on after being sent for a year to Israel by her parents after graduating college. They were not big on her plans to be a bartender in Boston. (Understandable since her favorite college drink was "purple passion" in the 2 liter and she'd never mixed a drink in her life.) It all turned out well. She's happy in life, knows lots of Yiddish exclamations and can now make a lovely white wine sangria come summertime.

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A Rabbi once said that a person dies two deaths: The first is when you die; the second is when people stop remembering you.

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