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Health and fitness tips, interviews with Jewish athletes past, present and future and perspectives on the Chicago sports scene.

Team Israel: Where are They Now? photo
Here is a progress report on some of the key contributors to Team Israel’s World Baseball Classic run.
Interview with the Mastermind behind Team Israel photo
In my mind, Alex Jacobs is the coolest guy in sports. First, he has now been giving the title "Mastermind," which is usually reserved for fictional characters.
The Real Impact of Israel’s Baseball Team photo
The obvious and hidden reasons Team Israel’s success in the World Baseball Classic is good for Israel and American Jews
From Triple Stripe to Workout Tights photo
My old workout attire was cut-off t-shirts and old cargo pants or shorts I’d owned since high school.
Interview with Jewish former relief pitcher Jose Bautista photo
One of baseball's most charismatic characters is the Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista. But in the 1990s, there was another Jose Bautista, and he’s Jewish.
Pull Your Own Weight photo
Body weight exercises having been making a huge comeback. There are many benefits to training this way.
Interview with Jewish former Chicago Bears punter Adam Podlesh photo
Podlesh, who played seven full seasons in the NFL with Jacksonville and Chicago, is a Super Nintendo-loving, big-legged, former fourth round pick.
Cutting Edge Fitness in the Northern Suburbs photo
When JCC Chicago announced the Marvin Lustbader Center for Health, Wellness and Fitness was opening in Northbrook (practically my neighborhood), I had to check it out.
When Life Calls for Fantasy Baseball photo 1
The death of our friend reunited our fantasy baseball league
Interview with Jewish pitcher Jon Moscot photo
I am not sure there is a better role model for young Jewish kids in any sport right now than Jon Moscot.
What Cubs Fans Taught Me about Hope photo
I have observed over the past 10 plus years of living here that Cubs fans are hardcore and possess an intrinsic Jewish value, the value of hope.
7 Reasons Jews Make for Good Cubs Fans photo
As my Cub fandom has deepened throughout my life, so too has my Judaism, and it has become clear that my identity as a Jew and my identity as a Cubs fan have a lot in common.
The Cubs photo
Some things you grow to love over time. Some things you are born into. For me, being a Chicago Cubs fan is the strongest combination of both -- and then some.
The Fitter Plan photo
Three Simple Steps for Getting in Shape
Interview with Jewish White Sox prospect Brad Goldberg photo
It has been a horrible season for White Sox fans, but it is Brad Goldberg who gives me hope.
Jason Lezak
Just as we are captivated by the swimmers of Team USA at these 2016 Rio Games, we were glued to our televisions over the past few Olympics watching Jason Lezak become one of the most decorated swimmers, Olympians, and Jewish athletes of all time.
dwyane wade
How Dwyane Wade’s return to Chicago might have an even bigger impact off the court.
10 Up-and-Coming Jewish Sports Stars photo
These young Jewish athletes are on the cusp of making it big.
How to Avoid (and Embrace) Fitness Failure photo
If you are not getting the fitness results you want, think about what you can do differently.
An Unfair Comp-‘ERA’-son photo 1
I grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Nobody will ever be better than Michael Jordan.
My 4 Go-To Hacks for Healthy Living photo
These four health tips, hacks and tricks are easier than starving yourself or “detoxing.”
What Are We Losing For? photo

I turned around and headed for the registers, passing by the chips, cookies, and -- wait a minute -- out of the corner of my eye was the candy aisle.

Unwatcha-Bull photo

Some of it had to do with my recent cable-cutting, but I also don’t remember a Bulls team that I was less excited about.

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