No Nudity in the Gym Sauna

And other unspoken gym rules

No Nudity in the Gym Sauna photo

Who shaves in the steam room at a gym? Come on now!

Yes, this article is a rant about gym behavior.

Locker Room Rules

I'm going to start with the locker room. I'm extremely lucky; I belong to a gym with a decent-sized locker room that has a sauna, steam room and clean showers. Most people are respectable locker room citizens, but there are a few exceptions:

Cover up in the steam room or sauna. Guy without a towel -- come on now. Cover yourself up, and keep those hands above the towel, please. And, as noted above, do not shave in the steam room, unless you're in your own house.

Don't dry off in the shower if the gym is busy. If there's no line, sure take your time, but when there's a bunch of dudes waiting to use a shower, it's just rude, especially at lunch when people are rushing to get back to the office.

Exercise Etiquette

When it comes to weight/cardio training I'm not going to get judgmental and bash exercises, such as the upright row (sorry, that's the one I really dislike), but there are some rules.

Do not hog equipment. You are not a professional athlete and this is not your personal gym. If you are bouncing between a few pieces of equipment, as I often do, let others work in. With that in mind, if you see someone rotating between things, it's ok to ask if you can jump in. The other day I asked a woman who was using two benches if I could use one, she said, "I have a few more sets." I jokingly said with a smile, "what aren't you using?" I expected attitude, but she was super nice and told me I could hop in whenever.

Wipe off your sweat. This one is a no-brainer, but I see it all the time. Most gyms have some sort of wipes or towels out. You might have to ask at the front, but they have something.

Watch your noise. Grunting is ok. Really, it's a gym not a library. Yelling, on the other hand, is not ok. If you are training in a group or with a trainer, a little motivation is a good thing, but be aware of your surroundings. And please, put the phone DOWN. No one ever wants to hear your conversation, especially when they are focused on the treadmill, stepper, or bike.

Watch your weights. Slamming weights is an art. I understand the need to drop a bunch of weight on the floor, especially with a heavy dead lift. That said, I've seen dumbbells roll pretty close to me. If you cannot handle the weight, have someone spot you, or at the very least make sure no one is that close to you.

Am I being too tough? Did I miss a rule? You would think this is all common sense, but I see these rules being broken almost every day. Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me @fitwithkrit.

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