Interview with Jewish White Sox prospect Brad Goldberg

Goldberg will pitch for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers

Interview with Jewish White Sox prospect Brad Goldberg photo

It has been a horrible season for White Sox fans, but it is Brad Goldberg who gives me hope. This rising star in the White Sox farm system will be pitching for Team Israel at the World Baseball Classic qualifiers in Brooklyn starting Thursday, Sept. 22. His promising potential means the White Sox could have a proud Jewish arm throwing for them soon. Jewish baseball fans, meet Brad Goldberg.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Very passionate about my family, friends and baseball. I'm a pretty laid back guy, probably pretty different than when I'm between the lines playing. I just try to be a great son, grandson, brother, teammate and friend.

2) You played College Ball at Ohio State, known for Football, whats the OSU baseball experience like?

Ohio State is a very special place and I'm proud to be associated with the great University. The baseball program is definitely on the rise; we have a pretty rich tradition but also have been putting a high amount of players into professional baseball. To further that, a good majority are not only playing professionally, but are having legit success at higher levels. I have a great relationship with the coaching staff, current and former players and take a lot of pride in what they stand for.

3) You were drafted by the White Sox and are now in AAA. What's the experience been like?

The White Sox are littered with great people from the front office to the coaches and managers and coordinators all the way to my teammates. I love coming to the park every day and representing what they stand for. I've been at every level in the organization under the big leagues and hope to break that ceiling soon.

4) The White Sox have some good young pitching -- Sale, Quintana, Rodon -- where do you see yourself contributing in the future?

I'm a bullpen guy, so honestly wherever they envision me contributing to the big league club is where I'll try to prepare to be successful.

5) You have agreed to play for Team Israel in the WBC. How did that decision come about?

I was contacted through multiple people to play and I think the World Baseball Classic is a great arena and venue for competition. I watched in 2013 and really enjoyed the passion everyone displayed when they were competing. My main contact has been with manager Jerry Weinstein and I hope to have some fun and ultimately win.

6) Joc Pederson said the WBC was a great platform to showcase his skills. Do you think the WBC is a good thing and what are your team's chances?

I couldn't agree more. I would love to help the team win and in the process show my set of skills and what I can bring to a Major League ball club. Great platform to do just that.

7) What was your Jewish life like growing up?

I grew up in a community with a solid Jewish community. I had a bar mitzvah, went to Hebrew school through that process -- pretty standard Jewish upbringing. I'm not very religious anymore, but some of my family is and I know how important this is to them, and I try to honor that.

8) What is your biggest goal in your professional life?

I'm trying to reach my potential as a professional. I want to have longevity and continued success. I love the game of baseball and want to respect the game by preparing to the best of my ability and ultimately have a long successful career. I'm just trying to make my friends, family and coaches proud.

9) Favorite Jewish baseball player of all time?

Growing up, Shawn Green.

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