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Steven Chaitman

Steven is the Managing Editor of Oy!Chicago and the Director of Strategic Digital Communications for the Jewish United Fund. A native of Deerfield, Illinois, Steven has a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Missouri and has worked as Movies Editor of and as a freelancer for Windy City Times and RedEye. He also maintains a movie blog, When he's not reviewing movies, he's often reviewing restaurants (on Yelp) and beer (on Untappd). There's nothing he won't review. (It's not a problem …)

In addition to writing, Steven is also an established songleader, bringing Jewish music to synagogues and other Jewish organizations and programs throughout the Chicago area for people of all ages. You can check out his work and music at

Articles by this Author
7 Reasons Jews Make for Good Cubs Fans photo
As my Cub fandom has deepened throughout my life, so too has my Judaism, and it has become clear that my identity as a Jew and my identity as a Cubs fan have a lot in common.
8 Questions for Noah Plotkin photo 1

Wedding season is upon us, and if you happen to have a lot of Chicago simchas, keep an eye out for the Gold Coast All Stars and their talented percussionist chilling in the back with the groovy long hair and mustache. That’s Noah Plotkin – a rhythmic master and Jew you should know.

8 Questions for Jeremy Klaben photo
Jeremy Klaben is working to make Chicago brighter. His new restaurant, Brightwok Kitchen, located at 21 E. Adams St., is one of the more unique fast-casual bright spots in the Loop.
8 Questions for Becky Marks photo

The lunch salad is a staple of so many people’s work weeks, and now, downtown Chicago commuters have a lunch salad they truly “Be Leaf” in.

Double Chai Check-In: Laurie Grauer photo 1

If the whole world is, according to Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, a gesher tzar m’od, or a “very narrow bridge,” then Laurie Grauer is working tirelessly to make it wider.

Double Chai Check-In: Scott Issen photo2

If you’re a big proponent of the phrase “our youth are our future,” then Scott Issen is a pretty important guy. As the co-founder of the Future Founders Foundation, Issen helps students in underserved areas as young as second grade explore entrepreneurship, building the skills and business plans that will lead them to successful careers as adults.

‘Star Wars’ with My Bride-To-Be photo_th

There is a period in every geek, nerd or dork’s life when he or she has to grow up. You still remain a geek, nerd or dork, of course, but growing up sort of happens. Things like meeting a special someone, for example, sort of happen. And unless you meet on the floor of a comic convention admiring each other’s cosplay outfits, the odds you will have to share whatever it is you geek, nerd or dork out over with that person.

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