To Whomever this May Concern

A letter to those I’ve wronged in the past

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To whomever this may concern,

Recently, I have been reassessing my life and reflecting on my past actions. This includes everyone I have wronged in some way, and anyone I could have hurt or insulted throughout the past year and life.

To be honest, that is a long list to think about. For the longest time, my anger and depression had made me into a violent person that caused me to lash out at people or caused me to be unpleasant when these emotions flared up inside me.

Although it still lingers in some ways, I am far better at controlling these feelings and am working to overcome them. Part of that is being aware of how I hurt people and realizing the need to repent for my past actions. And there's no better time to start that process than during these Ten Days of Repentance.

With that, I want to start by saying to anyone I know that I have wronged or hurt in any regard that I am sorry. I was in a dark place and I became an angry and bitter person, and you did not deserve to be on the receiving end of that negativity. I should have been more in control of those emotions and found help to deal with that bitterness in a more constructive manner.

This is probably not the answer you were looking for, or could have guessed from the way I acted. Unfortunately, that is the core of it, and though me simply saying sorry seems like a cheap way of making up for what I did, I want to offer it regardless and attempt to start rebuilding our relationship with a fresh start.

I can understand if you feel this is probably either far too late or not enough to make up for what I have done. You are entitled to that. I nonetheless want to make that first step in resolving our past.

It took me so long to come around and gather the strength to make these apologies, but the last thing I want is sympathy or pity. I only wish to make amends for my wrongs and move away from that darkness.

I thank you for hearing me out and await your replies, and may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.



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Barrett is a native Chicagoan and graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). While attending, he pursued is natural love of history and anthropology, as well as discovered his passion for Jewish culture and the Jewish faith. Currently he works as... Read More

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