Bringing Up Jewish Baby

New parents share stories of the trials, joys, challenges and hopes of parenting

Parenting at the Heart of Uncertainty photo 1
Our newborn’s heart defect forced us early on to accept what we can’t change
Trusting My New Parent Instincts photo
How parenting got easier when I put aside the books -- and my expectations
The Realities of Being an Older Mommy photo
All the medical advances in the baby-making business that made my pregnancy possible won’t change the fact that I’m going to be an older mom for the rest of my hopefully long life.
Raising Jewish Children, After Losing One photo 1
How our son’s stillbirth shattered our faith, and how we found it again.
In-Laws are Grandparents Too photo
What our family has learned navigating the in-law/grandparent-grandchild relationship and how we have made it a successful experience for all.
Bringing Up Jewish Baby photo update
There’s nothing more joyful or difficult than being a new parent, and raising the perfect mensch is no small task. So, we at Oy!Chicago, in partnership with jBaby Chicago, thought we’d honor these parenting war stories with a special blog series, “Bringing Up Jewish Baby” to give a voice to parents who have been through it all -- the good, the bad, and the poop.

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