Life as a new parent is crazy, tough and beautiful. Tell us your story

Bringing Up Jewish Baby Vol 2

The last time we did a new parent blog series, we were blown away by the honesty and authenticity of the parents who shared their stories. With Mother's Day approaching, we thought it the perfect time to gather more parenting war stories and give new moms and dads raising Jewish babies the credit they deserve. We're simply calling it "Bringing Up (Jewish) Baby Vol. 2"

Whether your parenting journey has been simple or complicated, hilarious or heartbreaking -- we want to help you tell your story and share it with those who can relate to or learn from it.

To pitch your idea, send us a message with a paragraph description of what your piece would be about by Tuesday, April 24.

The only requirements are that the post should in some way relate to the theme, and that you are 21 or older. We will review your submission and let you know if we are interested in working with you and running your piece in the series, which will run the week of May 7-11.

Please note that Oy!Chicago is unable to offer compensation for our blog series submissions.

Thanks for your interest!

Stef & Steven

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