From Birthright trips to making aliyah and everything in between, these stories reflect on our encounters with and connections to the Jewish state and its many facets and complexities.

Sustainable Nation photo 1
A new documentary highlights Israelis’ role in sustainable water solutions
The trip to Israel that changed me—twice photo
I stood on the pool deck at a Jaffa hotel, breathing in the fresh, salty air from the sea. It was Tel Aviv’s “golden hour” when the sky is lit up as if it were on fire.
Going to Israel and Bringing Back Community photo
My group on YLD’s Mission to Israel last summer bonded more deeply than we ever expected
Milk in a Bag photo 1
If you haven’t gone on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, then let me try and sell it to you. Me trying to sell it is a bit ironic because, IT’S FREE!
A new experience in familiar territory photo 1
Despite spending nearly a combined year in Israel over the course of three trips, I was surprised by how different it felt this time around.

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