Our writers who also count “mommy” and “daddy” among their job titles share stories, tips and lessons learned in their impossible quest to be the perfect Jewish parents.

Motherhood Is Hard photo 1
This reality is so different than what I imagined motherhood to be. I pictured blissful walks with my baby in the buggy.
Toddler Tries a Bed photo
For the next two weeks, I went to check on him every single night, documented my findings with photos and made captions. I called it “Toddler Tries a Bed.”
Lauren Schrero Levy Nora
I remember scrolling through Facebook as I sat on the vinyl recliner in the NICU waiting for the nurse to help me hold my daughter, Nora.
My Wonderful Little Monsters photo

I cannot believe one of my sons is about to graduate from daycare. I know this does not sound like a milestone, but it is.

Dear Everyone, Sorry for Lying to You photo
Three-plus months is a long time to be a liar. Of course, the lying was for a good cause. I’m pregnant!

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