Our writers who also count “mommy” and “daddy” among their job titles share stories, tips and lessons learned in their impossible quest to be the perfect Jewish parents.

A Single Abba on the Value of Dads photo 1

Abbas – Dads, in Hebrew – are important to children, no matter if the parents are single, married, divorced, gay or straight.

Reflections of a Judo Dad photo
I anticipated a lot of tears, but when Henry won his first judo match, the only tears that (almost) fell were mine.
Things I Want to Remember Too photo
With my youngest now almost 3, there are so many things I want to remember about him.
Bike Rides to School photo
I sometimes wonder: What impressions am I making on my children? Do they see me as caring, playful, available and loving?
Motherhood Is Hard photo 1
This reality is so different than what I imagined motherhood to be. I pictured blissful walks with my baby in the buggy.
Toddler Tries a Bed photo
For the next two weeks, I went to check on him every single night, documented my findings with photos and made captions. I called it “Toddler Tries a Bed.”
Lauren Schrero Levy Nora
I remember scrolling through Facebook as I sat on the vinyl recliner in the NICU waiting for the nurse to help me hold my daughter, Nora.
My Wonderful Little Monsters photo

I cannot believe one of my sons is about to graduate from daycare. I know this does not sound like a milestone, but it is.

Dear Everyone, Sorry for Lying to You photo
Three-plus months is a long time to be a liar. Of course, the lying was for a good cause. I’m pregnant!

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