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Eliana Block

Two truths and a lie: Eliana Block is a Zionist. She learned sex-ed really for the first time in college. She aspires to write her first novel while skateboarding around the world and sampling different peanut butter recipes. Lie: roller-blading*

Read her blog and explore what its like to be Orthodox on a secular college campus: www.collegadoxparadox.blogspot.com

Articles by this Author
Adulting: A College Epilogue photo
In the simplest terms: No one prepares you on being an adult. At least the adults in my life didn't.
Living with the Rebbe for a Weekend photo
My mom met the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, four years before he died. It wasn't a vacation, celebrity tour or religious pilgrimage. It was a trip of critical necessity. At 4 years old, my sister was dying of Leukemia.
Rosh Hashanah and the Jurassic Period photo

What exactly do we mean by “creation” when we celebrate Rosh Hashanah?

Eliana Intern

 A theory: getting ahead stems from the "resume building mentality," in which we accept the title without meticulously reading the fine print.

Terrible 22's: My Quarter-life Crisis photo-2
I'm a great-person. Not a Great Person. But the same way a great-grandmother is not always a Great Grandmother. Pay attention to the hyphen.
Feeling the Tefilah photo

Essentially, I've grown up with tefilah (prayer) -- that I know -- but have I become a grownup with tefilah?

Not the Purim I Remember phototh

It doesn't take much to realize why I'm happy -- I've got a Purim grogger in one hand and a lasso in the other. I'm marching my way to shul in the same suede and tasseled cowgirl costume I've rodeoed into for the fourth consecutive year.

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