‘Let your stories go!’—out into the world

Why We Retell the Story

Every Passover, we're commanded to retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. We follow a specific order, we ask specific questions and we eat really specific foods. But within that structure, families develop their own stories and bring new ideas, new energy -- and even new faces -- to the seder table. In that spirit, we're inviting you to share your personal stories and thoughts inspired by the festival of matzah in a new blog series, "Why We Retell the Story ."

What stories are we looking for? The possibilities are more numerous than the plagues: Maybe you partake in a unique tradition at your seder; you had a particularly unforgettable Passover one year; you make a recipe with its own powerful story; you recently experienced a personal/metaphorical liberation from slavery; you're wondering why you always identify with the wicked child …

To pitch your idea, send us a message with a paragraph description of what your piece would be about by Monday, April 1.

The only requirements are that the post should in some way relate to the theme, and that you are 21 or older. We will review your submission and let you know if we are interested in working with you and running your piece in the series, which will run the week of April 15-19.

Please note that Oy!Chicago is unable to offer compensation for our blog series submissions.

Thanks for your interest!

Stef & Steven    

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