Your chance to say ‘thank you,’ in writing

Just Thought I'd Say Thanks photo

Gratitude is a year-long Jewish practice, but we at Oy!Chicago thought why not count down to Thanksgiving by giving people in our community the opportunity to tell stories and share words of gratitude so that we're full of all the feels before we fill up on turkey. As such, we are looking to you to fill our upcoming blog series, "Just Thought I'd Say Thanks."

No matter what you're feeling grateful for -- be it a person, place, thing, or something even bigger or more personal than that -- we want to help you share a story that expresses how you feel when saying "thank you" isn't enough.

To pitch your idea, send us a message with a paragraph description of what your piece would be about andby Thursday, Nov. 2.

The only requirements are that the post should in some way relate to the theme, and that you are 21 or older. We will review your submission and let you know if we are interested in working with you and running your piece in the series, which will run Nov. 15-21.

Please note that Oy!Chicago is unable to offer compensation for our blog series submissions.

Thank you for your interest!  

Stef & Steven  

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