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This April marks 10 years since my wife and I went on our first date. Time has moved in such a fashion that it feels like I blinked and now it's 2017. We've been together almost 10, married for over six, lived in three different cities, and held over a dozen different jobs between us. Now we are responsible for two tiny humans. Our youngest, Ellie, just turned four months this past week and our first born, John, turns three this June. As cliché as it may sound, these years have flown by.

I can't wrap my head around the fact that 10 years ago I couldn't wait for happy hour and now I just wish I could get off work in time for story time. Crazier still, is the idea that 10 years before that, I was struggling to get through my freshman year of college. Forget about finding happy hour then, I was just trying to find happy. Freshman year was emotionally tough, and focusing on anything that would help me excel as a student was not my strength at the time.

Thinking about winter 1997 compared to winter 2017, there are actually similarities. For example, I was up at odd hours then socializing with friends in my dorm as much as I am up in the night taking care of my kids now. Maybe the ability to be up all night and still function the next day back then prepared me for the life I lead right now? Then again, given the stakes seem much higher today, maybe that's not such a great analogy. I mean, I could get away with missing a class back then because I was too tired a lot more easily than I could get away with missing a major presentation at work today.

But here's the point of this blog post. If we keep looking back at earlier moments of my life, every one of them seems like it just happened and yet is so different from the way things are right now. Life is moving so fast that it's hard to reconcile all that keeps changing. For me, as a husband, father and many other things to many other people, the most important thing is to try to be present in this moment, the one pressing up against us this very instant. That can only serve to enrich those moments, so they are more meaningful as memories someday, while setting us up for a much richer future.

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Originally from Detroit, Andy Kirschner first moved to Chicago after college. He has had several job titles throughout his career, including knife-seller, recruiting manager, bagel-maker, life coach, tour guide, career counselor, Weight Watchers facilitator, a... Read More

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