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Passover is one of my favorite holidays. My third favorite, in fact. One element I enjoy is the Seder Plate and the items we put on it. In general, we Jews like to use symbols – or in the case of Passover, food – to represent things. It’s why, especially during this holiday, if I walk past a fellow Jew all I have to do is shout, “Represent!” and they know exactly what’s going on.

But this whole abundance of representation can sometimes feel antiquated in tradition (TRADITION!!!!). What we have now is great, but I figured that it might be interesting to delve into what a modern version of a Seder Plate might have on it. But then taking it one step further, so as not to get in the way of tradition (TRADITION!!!!), I further figured a Seder Plate that represented me might be more interesting, and fun, for you, the attractive Oy reader to, ahem, read. Now, I know that this could be a huge plate if I really took the time to fill it up, so even if it was simply a sampler platter, I wonder what would be on the Seder Plate of me … of me … of me …of me …

Doodly-doo! Doodly-doo! Doodly-Doo! Doodly-doo! Doodly-doo!

Hi. Not sure what that was. I thought maybe something would happen. Anyway, here’s what would be on my Seder Plate if it were to represent some small iota of who I am in no particular order from least to most important. Enjoy!


Well, this one is pretty obvious if you know me. SpaghettiOs are pretty much my staple. Much stronger bond than my paper clip. But what SpaghettiOs represent to me is a bit of how I will never completely grow up, hopefully in a good way. It’s like my Rosebud. It always reminds me of the innocent times in my life and it’s a part of me I never wish to get rid of. It lets me know that despite all the stress of my life and the hectic day to day goings on, there’s a part of me that truly hasn’t changed in over 20 years, and I really like to hold onto that.

Huh? What? That Rosebud reference just ruined Citizen Kane? Oh, woops. Should have said “spoilers.” Sorry everyone!

A video game controller  

This is representative of all that I love when I just want to shut off my brain. These days, video game systems not only play video games, but they are my Blu-ray player and my streaming device as well.

Now, when it comes specifically to video games, I always like to say that they are a lot like books. This is because, for me, they usually take roughly the same amount of time to finish but they are truly an interactive and immersive experience. It’s the games with good stories that truly capture me and while many other people will go through the same story, I get to take away my own interpretation of the material. And with my favorite games, I revel in the chance to revisit those great worlds again and discover new things while reliving familiar yet exciting stories. Also, just like books, the movie is never as good as the video game.

A Blackhawks jersey  

Hockey holds most of my passion for professional sports. Well, that and curling. But my love for hockey represents something very important to me, and that’s the bonds with others it has helped me forge over the years. Some people seem to not understand sports, but at their core, sports brings people together. Specifically because of hockey, I have a much closer relationship with some of my closest friends, my brother and my father. Not that I needed any additional help, but there it is. So a Blackhawks jersey, to me, symbolizes some of the greatest experiences and memoires I’ve had bonding with others, and that is tough to beat.

Also, the Blackhawks are going to the playoffs for the seventh year in a row. Cue the “Chelsea Dagger.” Eh beh deh.

Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake  

There’s no symbolism here. These are just awesome and I want them on my plate. Or maybe it represents that I am awesome!? Yes. Yes it does. But you are awesome too. You are a Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake!

Mel Brooks  

Yup. I want to put Mel Brooks on my Seder Plate. If anything, he represents my humor, which is a very significant part of my life. I love to make people laugh (like hopefully you have been doing while reading this, I hope, I hope, I hope) and I use humor to get me through times of difficulty. And really, my sense of humor is a gigantic element of who I am and Mel Brooks has been a humongous influence on my life. He is possibly the greatest person I’ve never met but his influence makes me feel that, with humor, I am the king. And it’s good to be the king … of my own Seder Plate.

The Orange

I’m keeping this one on my plate. The symbolism of the orange is too wonderful. It’s some darn good symbolism in fact. Specifically, it looks at the idea of fruitfulness for all Jews when lesbians and gay men are contributing and active members of Jewish life. I may have stolen that phrasing but it was really good phrasing, so sue me. I have a wonderful diversity of people I care very deeply for in my life, and the idea of including everyone, no matter what their race, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, anything, is absolutely one of the strongest feelings I have about absolutely anything. So yes, that orange is sticking around on the Seder Plate of me.

So there you have it, the Seder Plate of Me! And while I could have countless additional items on my Seder Plate (local craft beer, gummy Coca-Cola bottles, a symbol for the pursuit of voice acting, etc.), I have to ask – you awesome Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake you – what would be on the Seder Plate of you? Represent!                         

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