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Remember when you were ten, you didn’t need a low carb diet, points or a personal trainer—you simply played. You didn’t go to a group fitness class for spinning or weights, you didn’t even have a membership, but you worked out.  Whether you were riding bikes, shooting hoops or just playing tag, you were exercising.

With summer on its way, playing can once again become your workout. The parks of Chicago are free! You don’t have to spend much money to play basketball, run laps or do calisthenics. There are also leagues to join for almost any sport. Visit http://www.chicagosportandsocialclub.com/ or just Google, “sports clubs” in your neighborhood and you’ll find several options to burn calories while actually having fun.

Aside from team sports, there are boot camps (I run one in Oz park), Yoga in the park, Pilates in the park and other great workouts at a reasonable cost. I’m going to let you in on a big secret, if you buy some resistance bands, you can create your own workout at the park. I love the site: http://www.resistancebandtraining.com/blog/ you can get equipment and great workouts all from the “Band Man.” The bands are great to tie to a swing-set or use with a partner where you can pull, drag and push your way fit.

If bands, boot camps or volleyball games aren’t your thing, there are other options. To get a total Rocky workout you can run the Lakeshore path near Diversey Harbor. The path is complete with pull-up bars, sit-up stations, and other exercise equipment with brief descriptions. You can run, bike or walk to each station and get a great workout without spending a dime! And if the water ever gets warm enough (or clean enough) you can add swimming to your routine.

If you know any other great summer workout options or have questions, send them by.

Have a Healthy Day!

Ron Krit

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