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Looking for love in Chicago? Or have you found it?

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There’s nothing like love, whether you’re surrounded by it – or looking for it. And although Chicago might not be the romantic capital of the world, it has for so many people been the backdrop of their most treasured love story. Whether your Chicago love story has been written, whether it’s written in the stars, or whether you keep having to throw out the first chapter, Oy!Chicago wants to publish your story for our upcoming blog series, “Beshert in Chicago.”

All week from Feb. 10-14, we are hoping to publish stories about love in the Windy City, whether that’s past, present or future tense. Whether you’re a writer, an occasional writer-for-fun, or you know someone who might want to contribute to this blog series, here’s how to submit: write a paragraph describing what your piece is about and send it to info@oychicago.com by Friday, January 24. The only requirement is that the post should in some way relate to the theme, however you interpret it. We will review your submission and let you know if we are interested in running in your piece in full on Oy!Chicago the week of the blog series.

We look forward to reading your awesome stories and sharing your talent with the entire Oy!Chicago community! Please note that Oy!Chicago is a volunteer-run website, so we are unable to pay for published submissions at this time. If you have any questions, email them to info@oychicago.com.

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