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Jonathan Glick

Jonathan Glick is known by many as the “Abe Froman” of real estate equity – at least according to his wife, Rebecca, who nominated him for Double Chai in the Chi.

If you missed the Ferris Bueller reference there, here’s what she means: “If you don’t already know Jonathan, he already likely knows you,” she said. “Jonathan is a natural connector of people and ideas. He regularly makes introductions to others that go on to form successful business ventures, jobs and friendships.”

Jonathan founded and manages his own boutique real estate investment bank, Incubation Capital Partners. When the economy took a turn five years ago, he combined his passion with his gifted schmoozing abilities to launch CREPE (Chicago Real Estate Private Equity), a networking organization with more than 600 members from 200 real estate firms. In addition to happy hours and professional events (though, ironically, not crepes), CREPE provides opportunities for its members to give back in big ways to their city through holiday drives and volunteer opportunities.

Beyond working and schmoozing, Jonathan is a devoted father, hosts an annual Passover seder and has a love and passion for maps. Remind us to invite Jonathan along on our next road trip.



Primary gig:

Founder and Managing Director, Incubation Capital Partners (Real Estate Private Equity)

On the side:

Moonlight as an unofficial headhunter for real estate; being a kid at heart playing with my daughter’s toys.

Relationship status:


How do you give back?

Be a food/travel critic (Anthony Bourdain style) or be Mr. Mom – I can’t get enough of my daughter!

Describe yourself in 10 words or less:

Connector. Relationship builder. Schmoozer. Entrepreneur.

Celebrity doppelganger/who would play you in a movie:

My wife says Patrick Dempsey (and I have the McDreamy T-shirt she bought me to wear on my 30th birthday to prove it, though I don’t see the resemblance).

How do you Jew in Chicago?

Active in the JUF Real Estate Division; sharing my “Rabbi Glickisms” with others; hosting my annual Seder, which I’ve been doing since age 12 (adapted this year to include excerpts from Sammy Spider’s Haggadah and 10 plague finger puppets); participate in PJ Library events with my family; in addition, the NYC transplant in me is constantly on a quest for good Jewish food in Chicago, particularly a real bagel. If time and money were limitless, I would: be a food/travel critic (Anthony Bourdain style) or be Mr. Mom – I can’t get enough of my daughter!


My family, my camera, Google maps, and my passport

Chicago's Jewish community in 10 years:

I hope it continues to be vibrant, involved and upholding of our traditions, especially among young families.

Me in 10 years:

Living somewhere in Europe, preferably the Mediterranean coast (or more likely the suburbs) while expanding my real estate empire and loving life with my family.